With Naomi Campbell and Stephanie Seymour strutting down the runway, cowgirls have never been at its best.

Just yesterday, I posted about the Panama hats from Emanuel Ungaro’s latest collection. Today, almost everything is paired with a hat!

It’s time to get yourself a few hats, no?


I heart panama hats!

Emanuel Ungaro’s show was on the first of October. According to Style.com, Esteban Cortazar dedicated that second collection to his father, Valentino Cortazar. The Panama hats were paired with everything-sundresses, cocktail dresses and evening dresses! Perfect for sunny Singapore.

Chanel Supports BYOB

BYOB or ‘Bring Your Own Bag’ is a campaign launched by the Singapore government to encourage shoppers to bring their own shopping bag so as to help reduce wastage of plastic bags and promote resource conversation.

Back in April 2007, Channelnewsasia reported that NTUC Fairprice and Cold Storage has cut the number of plastic bags by up to 60% and have sold about 20 000 reusable bags.

It has never crossed my mind that I’ll use this amazing creation of Lagerfeld’s as my grocery shopping bag and it never will.

In any case, hello environmentally bags and hello vinyl (think Harrods) bags.

Yves Saint Laurent

Makes you go ROAR, doesn’t it?

Here’s what you can find in my bag for a shopping trip.

1. N82
2.Wallet with money,I/c,NETS
3.Contact Lens box.
4.Body Shop’s Amorito Eau De Toillete
5.Sunglasses(It depends on what I’m going to wear on that day.)
6.Anna Sui rouge.

Not in picture
8.House keys
9.Wet tissue.
10.Blinged iPod Nano.

Here’s what you can find in your bag. This is a tag! I’m going to tag anyone who wants to do this. However, you’ll have to click the ‘comment’ button under this post and leave a link.

So, can you tell me what’s in your bag?

I Loewe You

Not exactly one of my favourites from Spring 2009, Loewe comes up with military-cum-naval themes, symbols, brass buttons as handbag chains and bracelets and ropes as gold belts and cuffs.

As said by style.com.”What he’s doing at the Spanish leather-goods house is imbued with the kind of luxury that only fully reveals itself when touched: the butter soft, wafer-thin suede elephant-gray trench”. This is something really amazing about Loewe. But then, Loewe’s bags never fail to awe me. When I first saw my Loewe bag that I received in 2003, I was quite disappointed by how simple it looked. But when I touched it, the feeling was synonymous to magical. (I’ll take a photo of it when I’ve the time.)

The peep-toe heels that Chanel Iman is wearing is so pretty! The gold chain-like belt that she’s wearing is totally out of the world. Out of all the photos, I think this ensemble is the best. Plus, it’s Chanel Iman’s who’s wearing it.

Chanel Iman is rising.

I wouldn’t splurge on any Loewe pieces this season though.

Here’s an extremely cool mugshot bag by Karl Lagerfield for Spring 2009. I’d really love to have one of those. Move over Birkin.